Power2Media continuously and meticulously identifies challenges enterprises are facing throughout their operations during their core businesses routines and subsequently creates algorithms and embeds those in applications and solutions to address those challenges.  While its decisions are not technology driven but market and user focused, Power2Media embeds leading edge technology in its applications hence providing state of the art cloud services for enterprises.

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“As a company focused on state of the art, innovative services, we are a firm adopter and promoter of inter-connectivity based on open standards and open platforms.

Through that inter-connectivity, the OTT convergence of Internet and Mobile devices means opportunity – for all of us – across many industries.
We simply need to address it.” – Costi Manda, CEO Power2Media.

Our vision

To unleash the power of cloud services by making their ubiquitous efficiency a key instrument for enterprise activities.

Our Mission

We embed mobile and advanced IT technologies with innovative business models to boost enterprise efficiency by using mobile devices connected to advanced IT cloud environments.

Our values

Devotion, innovation and integrity in its most pure form as basic ingredients to our commitment to service excellence.